EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with Mr Nitish Chauhan, one of the Greatest Clairvoyants of our time By the Magus, an undisputed great master of Clairvoyance and Parapsychology, specializing in Sciences for many years, and 20th century follower of Nostradamus.

"Dear Nitish, how old were you when realised that you had this mysterious Gift of Medium Clairvoyant ?"

"I do remember my first visions, my relatives cannot stop talking about it. What I am sure of is that I have always had this Gift of Clairvoyance. I have carefully cultivated it all my Life for the benefit of the people who need it. Since I was a child, I have always clearly foreseen what was going to happen. I have always been able to warn my relatives. That was natural for me to tell you all the Good I thought of you during our first meeting. I do it naturally, without having to concentrate. And I am absolutely delighted to know what the future will be made of, for me and for the people who need it."
--Mr Nitish Chauhan

"How long have you been practising ?"

"I have actually been practising for a very long time, and my Great Strength is that I do that very quietly, without publicity. I did not realize my reputation. I do thank you for letting me exercise on the Internet to bring an Essential Help to all those who ask for it."
--Mr Nitish Chauhan

"Do you succeed very often ?"

"Yes, of course I do, otherwise I would have stopped exercising. The best proof of my success is the number of letters of satisfaction. I am quite sure that it is the most gratifying reward. Furthermore, since I worked on the Internet, I have been showered with praises. I feel that I can become a guide to all those who need me. That's why I do not hesitate a minute to write as soon as possible to the people who are not going well. I know that my Assistance will be precious every moment of their Life. I wish to thank Destiny without which we would never have done such a terrific work for those who have misfortunes and are in extreme poverty."
--Mr Nitish Chauhan

"Do you make national or international predictions ? Do you look after Stars, Political Personalities ?"

"I could look after them all, but I do prefer to care for the poors because they really need my Assistance in bad times. It is for them that I want to struggle with a maximum effectiveness."
--Mr Nitish Chauhan

"Why and how choosing to write to those you feel have problems ?"

"On one hand I do that thanks to my intuition. On the other hand the people are selected by chance. I want to help everybody and bring to all of those who need it chance, wealth, love, in short HAPPINESS."
--Mr Nitish Chauhan

"Dear Nitish, I Thank You for all you have done so far, for the happiness you have brought, for the people you have assisted. I also thank you for all you are going to do for your future consultants. I know you will succeed in your attempt to restore happiness in their life. I believe in You, I am sure we can trust you !"

"Recognized and acclaimed by the entire profession as one of the most brilliant clairvoyants, he is currentely one of the most appreciated..."

He has been granted, by the public, the Dessuart Cup (one of the most prestigious reward in the world of clairvoyance) for his exceptional divine qualities.

"He is the mastermind of "new clairvoyance" though he remains the embodiement of modesty and kindness..." M.D.