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What is Reiki? - A Brief Overview Reiki is a technique that was discovered by the Japanese for relaxing, reducing stress and promoting healing in the body. The basic idea of Reiki is that we humans have a life force energy that flows to and through us. If this energy is unimpeded, we are happy and healthy. We look and feel good physically and emotionally, and perform at our best. However, if there is any kind of blockage to this flow of energy to our bodies then we don't feel good.

This manifests itself in our lives as stress, illness or other unwanted physical or emotional situations. The practice of energy healing is a holistic one. It removes blocks by activating the body's subtle energy systems. When those energetic blocks are removed, the body's ability to heal itself is stimulated. Reiki has been integrated into many healthcare settings including many major hospitals and hospices in recent years.

How Does Reiki Work? Reiki works by stimulating the flow of energy in the body. As you know, your body is so much more than just a physical object. The treatment targets the whole person (body, mind, emotions, and spirit). Everyone already has an abundant supply of energy in their body but its smooth flow could be hampered for various reasons. During or after a Reiki treatment you will feel the effects of your energy flow being unblocked and your body and mind cleansing themselves.

Energy is always flowing, and the only thing that can make you feel unwell is a blockage of that flow of life-giving energy. By clearing out the pollutants that block your energy flow, you will be able to live your best life as a happy, healthy and productive individual. The philosophy of Reiki goes beyond just healing physical or mental ailments. It also encourages living and behaving in a way that promotes harmony within yourself and with others. It involves making a determination to improve yourself as part of the Reiki therapy.

Who Can Benefit From Reiki? Anyone can practice Reiki no matter what religion, age or background they come from It isn't dependent on one's intellectual capacity or spiritual development either. There is nothing that you need to believe in order to experience the benefits of Reiki (it will work whether you believe in it or not). This practice is an amazingly simple and natural method of healing and improving our bodies.

Reiki has been proven to be effective in assisting in the healing of virtually every illness that is known to man. The concept that is at the root of Reiki was once known in Western medicine and is still practiced today in Eastern medicine. It is that disease is caused by energy imbalances in the body and that when those imbalances in vital energy are corrected, the body can 'reset' or heal itself. Conditions that Reiki has been used to help treat include: - Cancer- Heart disease- Anxiety- Depression- Chronic pain- Infertility- Neurodegenerative disorders- Autism-Crohn's disease- Fatigue syndromes

The benefits of undergoing a Reiki treatment include feelings of relaxation, peace, well-being, and security. Its important to remember that Reiki is not an alternative treatment for medical conditions but rather this type of treatment works very well in conjunction with all other medical or therapeutic methods. It helps to relieve side effects as well as promote recovery. While there are some who are still skeptical about the benefits of Reiki therapy, there are many who have reported miraculous results.

These simple ethical ideals involved in the practice of Reiki are universal across nearly all cultures. What to Expect from a Typical Reiki Session This type of energy healing focuses on the energy fields around the body. Reiki helps to get the energy flowing (much like acupuncture and acupressure). The practitioner places their hands on a series of locations like your head, torso, front, or back in a light, non-invasive way. There isn't any pressure and the practitioner can even hold their hands just off your body if you'd prefer (or in the case of a burn or open wound).

A typical Reiki session is about an hour long and is usually performed with the client fully or partially reclined and comfortable on a massage table or recliner. Remember to wear loose fitting and comfortable clothes for your session. Before you begin, your practitioner will discuss with you your goals for the session. How many sessions you ultimately decide to have is entirely up to you. You can start with one session.

Once you see how much better Reiki makes you feel, you can then go on to book a series of sessions so that you can progressively work toward your major wellness goals. Side Effects of Reiki This healing modality has absolutely no side effects. It is a safe and natural method of spiritual or energy healing that is beneficial for virtually all illnesses and conditions. Reiki is a marvelous risk-free complement to western medical treatments as it promotes a relaxed, happy, and positive mindset which is vital to healing. More and more people are starting to realize just how important mindset is to healing.

Reiki is a great way of ensuring that you let go of all the negativity that can hinder your well-being and embrace the abundance of positive energy that is always flowing to you (to the degree that you will allow it into your body). 5 Surprising Things About Reiki (Energy) Healing 1. Cultures all over the world have studied the body's energy centers for hundreds of years 2. The whole concept of Reiki treatment is based on scientific principles.3. You don't have to be religious or spiritual to benefit from this kind of energy healing.4. Reiki therapy is easily and totally accessible to everyone 5. Once you learn the basics, you can maintain your energetic health at home.

Where can I get Reiki? Because of the immense benefits that individuals stand to experience at no risk or harm to their health, the practice of Reiki is growing in popularity with each passing day. More and more people are coming to understand how their bodies work and what Reiki can do for them. These days Reiki is even offered in some major hospitals, hospices, and other facilities. If you want to experience this amazing treatment for yourself then you should ensure that you get a qualified professional Reiki practitioner who is trained and experienced to give you the best experience possible. Call or Whatsapp on this number today to book your private session.
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