What you need:
  • Journal
  • Love Crystal
  • Pink Candle
  • Mirror
  • White post-it note
  • Red marker
  • Seduction or Attraction Oil
  • Cherry Incense
  1. Write down 3 qualities that you must see in your mate. Things you WANT to see – be careful not tow write down things you don’t want. Phrases like ‘I don’t want him to choose his friends over me’ -have no place on this candle. The Universe won’t see the ‘I don’t want’ -it will recognize the ‘choose his friends over me’ because that’s the energy you are sending out. Be specific and be careful not to use broad phrases like ‘he loves only me’ – do you wish for him to not love his mother? your children? Be mature about this.
  2. Light the incense and cast your circle.
  3. Place the candle in the center of your circle.
  4. Take your charged candle and take in your left hand.
  5. The right side of the candle should have the writing on it. The left side of the candle should be blank.
  6. Go through the meditation. Immerse yourself into the trance.
  7. Once you finish the meditation, close your circle.
  8. On the post-it note you should write down the following affirmation: ‘I am love and I am in love -this or something better – so mote it be’.
  9. Place this note on the mirror you use the most and read/recite it often- EVERYDAY for the next 40 days.
  10. You WILL receive your answer.