This spell is a quite simple. Here’s What you need:
  • Oil
  • Large Red pillar candle
  • a permanent marker

 I have always felt that the more personal the spell, the better!  Also you can include the person into the spell. I personally modified this to be a commitment ritual. Spells are things that should come from inner intention and thought.  How will you change this spell to get a husband?
Take the red candle and write your names on the candle. You can write your legal name or you could use symbols, your names, nicknames for each other or whatever you would like to represent yourselves.  In the middle of the candle place a binding symbol. (This could be as simple as a plus sign.)
Once the ink dries on the candle charge the candle with the binding oil.
Place the candle on your altar and state your commitment to loving your future spouse.
Do not snuff the candle. Let the candle burn until completion. IF the candle goes out before burning all the way down you can re light it but I would stop – work with my partner to see if the love is still happy and healthy before lighting the candle again.
Once the candle is out, give thanks to the Mother and let it go.