We all want to be someone’s dream. The person he thought he could never get. I can imagine my dress on my wedding day… I dream of it often. This is my spell to make him dream of me, I am a hopeless romantic. I fail in love easily and up until recently I gave my love away freely. I am happy and grateful for my current spouse and his ever growing love for me and I am working on myself everyday because I have finally realized that you really have to be happy with yourself first.  I workout everyday, I drink the water I am supposed to. I work hard to have nice things and be beautiful on my wedding day. A lot of people think they need a partner to push them to be successful and then they will work hard to become who they want to be…. you have to be happy first…

What You Need:
  • star oil
  • rose oil
  • a full moon
  • a mirror
  • a white candle
This spell is so simple but you have to do this before bed time everyday for 3 weeks. Start this on the night of the full moon. Light a white candle after going out to observe the moon. Place 1 drop of each oil into the candle and stare into your eyes while gazing at the mirror. Chant to yourself an affirmation of you choosing. I like this one: ‘ You will dream of me tonight. ‘ Do this until you are tired and are ready for bed. If you can lucid dream then you should try to dream the dream you want him to dream. Snuff out the candles before bed to make sure you are safe.