This wiccan spell to get over someone does require you to be smart and mentally strong. You can meditate up to 4 days before both day and night to prepare. (Why Meditate? – Taoism & Meditation). This spell also requires a black candle, star oil and a letter written in black ink detailing why you want the universe to grant you this separation.
  1. Charge the candle with the star oil.
  2. Place the candle on your altar and light it.
  3. Place the letter on the altar
  4. Say the following 3x : “I no longer need ——-, I no longer love ——-, ——– has no control over my life or feelings.”
  5. Snuff out the candle.
Repeat this process for 40 days. If you find yourself thinking about the person(s), repeat the affirmation quietly to yourself.
These things shouldn’t be taken lightly but with all things on this site – be careful what you wish for. Ever had questions about what your dreams meant? Check out this awesome dream dictionary on the oldest pagan website on the web.